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We have staff vacancies for part time lunchbreak supervisor (2 days per week) and part time SEN Teaching Assistants, please enquire with the office.
Our school hall is available for regular evening lettings for sports groups, choirs etc. Please contact the school office for further information.

Leading Parents Partnership Awards


All the staff at Little Stoke recognise the importance of parents and their role in supporting, encouraging and engaging children in their learning. We really want you to feel this is your school and that you have the opportunity to be fully informed and involved with your own child’s learning and the wider life of the school.

As this is one of our key guiding principles, in 2015-16 we embarked on an initiative to achieve the Leading Parent Partnership Award, a nationally accredited award which has at its core the aim to enhance and strengthen links between parents and school. As we move towards the close of this project and our final assessment, it is great to reflect on the many changes which have taken place over the last 15 months.

Through working towards this award we have enhanced the positive relationship we already had with parents and with parents support we have driven forward a number of key changes, some of which are listed below:

  • Setting up an active parent contact group which meets termly and has genuine influence on decisions in the school
  • Improvement in signage outside the school to ensure visitors feel welcomed and are able to access the school well
  • Complete refurbishment and reorganization of our reception area to make it a more welcoming and parent friendly area of school
  • The introduction of a two weekly newsletter to ensure parents are kept informed of dates and school events and initiatives
  • Rewriting of our curriculum, attendance, behaviour and home school agreement paper work to ensure it is really accessible and meaningful for all parents and children.
  • Reorganising our homework structures to ensure parents feel able to provide support for their children at home
  • Development of our already high quality displays to include more displays celebrating children’s work and giving parents information about initiatives and achievements
  • Restructuring of parent meetings with teachers to ensure these are regular and support parents in supporting their children
  • Running a medley of different curriculum events to encourage a wider range of parents to attend and ensuring we provide crèche facilities whenever possible. Some of these events include: reading information and events, maths manipulative practical session, governor organised events, informal meetings with teachers and teaching assistants, stay-and-play events in reception, induction sessions run at different times of the day
  • Consultation followed by the relaunching of our uniform policy and changes to uniform to enhance a sense of pride in our school.
  • Changes to the way we promote and advertise our school in the local community, including running community events like the summer fair
  • Regular parent events linking to our themes where children and parents can work together on different projects and activities in a relaxed, informal atmosphere
  • The introduction of an online payment system in response to requests from parents


These are just a few of the key changes. We very much hope that you will want to become involved with some of the new events and initiatives which are be taking place. Little Stoke is your school and the more you are involved and let us know what you need in terms of supporting your children the better our partnership will be. This will, of course, have a very positive impact on your children.