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Contact Group Forum

Little Stoke Primary School Parent Contact Group




We have a thriving parent contact group comprising of a small group of enthusiastic and interested parents who meet termly to talk about a range of school issues. The parent contact group has real influence over school decisions and plays a valuable role in presenting the views of many of our parents.

Over the last two years, our parent contact group has been instrumental in changes such as those made to our reception area, signage around the school, displays and events which take place in school. They have driven the development of Facebook and Twitter as a source of information for parents and made a crucial contribution to important policies in school such as homework and uniform .

Our Parent Contact group meet termly to discuss school initiatives, policies and routines and continue to make a significant contribution to the development of these. We will be sharing more clearly how you can link up with members to share your views too. Our parent members are: Teresa Ladbrooke (Meredith Y6), Vicky Faramus (Charlie Y6), Mags Haggerty (Penelope Y3) Claire Sweeten (Louis Y5), Di Vowles (Ruby Y6) and Karen Pells (Martha Y2) Laura Bonarski (Stella-May Y6, Sean Y4 and Daisy Y2).

Over the last two years, the parent contact group has contributed to many key achievements in our school:

Key Areas of Achievements of the Parent Contact Group

 Reception Area

  • Redesigned reception area following comments regarding the mixed function of this area
  • Changes in information available in reception area
  • Area as a celebration of children’s work and school activities.

  • Initiated by contact group to improve the visibility of the school


  • Initiated by contact group to improve the visibility of the school


  • Initial consultation with contact group parents to decide on content and organisation
  • Collation of opinions
  • Feedback on format
  • Setting up of online payments
  • We now have a functional, well organised website which reflects the ethos of the school.

Policy Input

  • Views collected on key policies eg homework, uniform
  • Issues arising regarding homework have helped to adjust our policy and support for parents
  • Views of wider parent population ascertained
  • Evaluation of final draft

Curriculum Events

  • Wide range of views and ideas of the best way to improve communication
  • Increased used of Twitter and Facebook
  • Suggestions regarding timings and topic of parent child events


  • The Parent Contact Group keeps us up to date with the opinions of parents re school communication systems
  • Regular newsletters introduced as a result of input
  • Revision of reward systems
  • Invitations from pupils to events as a result of suggestions.
  • Feedback and suggestions on displays have resulted on a wider range of parent related celebration and information displays.

The impact of this group has been significant and it continues to play an important role in our school.