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Little Stoke Lane
Little Stoke, Bristol, BS34 6HY
Headteacher: Dan Ross



At LSPS, we have a core set of pedagogical principles through which teaching and learning is carefully planned and delivered. These principles are based on Tom Sherrington’s further work on the Rosenshine principles. Our pedagogical principles are split into four areas; sequencing, review, questioning and practice.


It is our intent to provide high quality learning experiences in order to develop pupils’ competence in both transcription and composition. Pupils will learn how to plan, draft, revise and evaluate their writing effectively.  They will be able to write down their ideas fluently, spelling words quickly and accurately by knowing the relationship between phonemes and graphemes in words. The development of pupils’ composition will ensure they can form, articulate and communicate ideas and organise them coherently for a reader. They will show an awareness of the audience and purpose of a piece and effectively use an increasingly wide knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. We aim to encourage pupils to develop fluent, legible handwriting and maintain this whilst writing at speed.


The reading curriculum we have developed at Little Stoke is designed to foster a love of reading and the skills to become confident, independent readers. The aim of our school is to teach every pupil to read well, for meaning and for pleasure, regardless of their ability, background and opportunities outside of school. We aim for readers who can read accurately, fluently and with understanding across the curriculum.

You can find detailed information about planning, teaching and assessing English in the handbook document below: