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Little Stoke Open Days Thursday 26th September 9am, Tuesday 22nd October 9am and Wednesday 20th November 6pm. Please come along and find out more about our school.

Curriculum and Assessment

At Little Stoke we are very proud of our exciting, engaging and relevant themed curriculum. Our curriculum is highly creative and enables children to achieve the highest standards in English, Mathematics and Science but also develop their creative, musical, linguistic, physical, technical, scientific, geographical and historical skills as well.  The children’s learning is embedded within a ‘Theme’ which encourages children to make links between subjects, developing knowledge, skills and positive attitudes to learning in a range of contexts. Initially, as a school, we follow the guidance laid down in the National Curriculum from which we have created our curriculum summary sheets for partner year groups.

The New National Curriculum

To find out more information about the new National Curriculum that took effect from September 2014 please click on the link below:
National Curriculum Gov
Year 1 and 2 National Curriculum Summary
Year 3 and 4 National Curriculum Summary
Year 5 and 6 National Curriculum Summary

The Little Stoke Curriculum

However, this is just the beginning! We use the skills identified within the National Curriculum as the basis of our teaching, recognising them as key skills for life-long learning. From this essential content, teachers work together to create curriculum overviews, integrated round a theme and driven by a high quality text which is used to encourage a wide range of language work and links well to other subjects.  Topics are tailored to  the children’s interests and personalities in mind to provide a more personalised and engaging learning experience.

This year we have purchased a curriculum package from Prospectus which brings a fresh new approach to our curriculum linking National Curriculum Statutory Guidance, with valuable cross curricular links and homework projects whilst preserving our core beliefs that  children learn best when they are interested and engaged. We adapt these in order to meet the needs of different groups of children.

The overview below shows the range of themes to be covered in the year 2017-2018 followed by detailed plans for each year group for Terms 1 and 2. Please see individual class pages to find details of all the themes your children will experience during 2017-2018

Prospectus Overview 2017 – 2018

PARENT SUMMARY SHEETS 2018-2019         TERM 1

Year 1 Term 1 Parent Summary Sheet    –In a Spin

Year 2 Term 1 Parent Summary Sheet   – Let the Adventure Begin

Year 3 Term 1 Parent Summary Sheet    – Illuminate!

Year 4 Term 1 Parent Summary Sheet   – Eureka!

Year 5 Term 1 Parent Summary Sheet    –What on Earth

Year 6 Term 1 Parent Summary Sheet    –Blitz and Pieces



EYFS Term 2 Parent Summary Sheet    – Superheroes!

Year 1 Term 2 Parent Summary Sheet    – In a Spin 2

Year 2 Term 2 Parent Summary Sheet   – Let the Adventure Begin

Year 3 Term 2 Parent Summary Sheet   –Illuminate!

Year 4 Term 2 Parent Summary  Sheet  –Eureka!

Year 5 Term 2 Parent Summary Sheet  –What on Earth

Year 6 Term 2 Parent Summary Sheet  –Blitz and Pieces



Year 1 Term 3 Parent Summary Sheet   – Slates and Spinning Tops

Year 2 Term 3 Parent Summary Sheet   – Colour Our World – Welcome to Africa

Year 3 Term 3 Parent Summary Sheet   – Move it!

Year 4 Term 3 Parent Summary Sheet   – River Deep! Mountain High!

Year 5 Term 3 Parent Summary Sheet   – It Is Geting Hot in Here

Year 6 Term 3 Parent Summary Sheet   –I Wander. I Wonder.


To keep parents informed, teachers send home the first two sheets for each term’s theme which gives detailed information about the learning the children will be engaged in and ways that parents can support at home. Prospectus have a range of linked homework activities called POWer projects which enable children and families to get involved with learning and which we celebrate in school through displays, certificates and celebration assemblies. In addition to the curriculum we also send home plenty of information about the wider curriculum: forest school, visits, special events and assemblies, curriculum drivers and learning skills and how these important aspects of learning integrate into the curriculum as a whole.


At Little Stoke we use Letters and Sounds and Phonics Play to support the delivery of our high quality, flexible learning programme.  This gives our pupils the phonics building blocks they need at an early age to develop reading skills.  Please do go along and take a look at the resources on the Phonics Play website.

Letters and Sounds

Phonics Play

Reading at Little Stoke

Our reading curriculum at Little Stoke is rich and varied. We aim to develop children who not only love reading for pleasure but understand its value in every aspect of their lives.

We place an emphasis on reading for meaning and teach the children to develop an ‘inner voice’ whilst they read which enables them to question, wonder and ultimately understand the text at a deep level. In class we teach reading using high quality texts ensuring children can ask questions, refer to their own experiences, link their reading to knowledge they have of the world and make links between different texts they have read.

Every year we have a special reading initiative which exposes children to a wide range of quality children’s texts and encourages children to share these with their friends and family. Our Golden Ticket to Ride Challenge in 2016-2017 was accessed by over 90% of the children in the school.

This year’s initiative will link fiction to key non fiction books in order to develop children’s background knowledge and increase comprehension. Look out for this in Term 3!

Golden Ticket to Read 2016-2017

Read to Succeed – Ten Reading Aims at Little Stoke Primary School


Please read through our Assessment Policy to see how we evaluate the progress and attainment of your children.

LSPS Assessment Policy

LSPS Assessment arrangements for reporting to parents.

Assessment & Tracking dates 2017-18