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Little Stoke Lane
Little Stoke, Bristol, BS34 6HY
Headteacher: Dan Ross



The aims of mathematics teaching at Little Stoke Primary School:

  • To develop a positive attitude to mathematics;
  • To develop a strong understanding of number and calculation;
  • To develop children’s reasoning, logical thinking and problem solving skills;
  • To ensure that all children will be given the opportunities to develop their mathematics skills regardless of gender, race, ability, culture or ethnicity;
  • To provide rich mathematical experiences, where children can apply their knowledge of mathematics to everyday life;
  • To explore and enjoy the patterns in mathematics and to solve a wide range of puzzles and problems.

At LSPS, we have a core set of pedagogical principles through which teaching and learning is carefully planned and delivered. This principles are based on Tom Sherrington’s further work on the Rosenshine principles. Our pedagogical principles are split into four areas; sequencing, review, questioning and practice.

We have developed a unique long-term maths curriculum which is loosely linked to the White Rose small steps. This long term plan ensures progression across the school and ensures children have the required declarative knowledge, procedural knowledge and then regular opportunities to develop their disciplinary knowledge.

Please see the Maths Handbook below for more detailed information about our approach to delivering the maths curriculum.

Curriculum overviews for Year 1 – 6 can also be read below.