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homework letter May 2019


At Little Stoke we value the contribution that well-pitched homework can make to children’s learning. Our aim is to nurture children who will become lifelong learners; excited about possibilities, challenges to be met and learning yet to be discovered. It is important that children develop a love of learning in all aspects of their life and are able to make links between school work and work they do at home. Although homework expectations will vary depending on the age of the child, successful homework is dependent on the support and encouragement of parents. With already busy family lives, we understand how difficult it can be to build homework into already overcrowded schedule. However, we also know from your comments that you believe the contribution homework makes to children’s learning and attitudes to school to be of enormous value. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher if you need help with organising time to complete homework or need further help with how to support your child.

Our homework is divided into three main types:

  1. Regular, daily homework. This may be:
  • reading
  • multiplication tables
  • phonics or spellings practice key learning skills.
  1. Weekly work which is designed to reinforce learning from class. This includes:
  • My Maths online homework
  • English based work to reinforce grammar or vocabulary work for example
  1. Project homework for all the family to get involved with which happens a minimum of three times a year.
  • These are more extended challenges which link to the theme and always result in some fantastic collaborative learning
  • Class teachers will let you know when these are happening as timings vary depending on the suitable links to themes

Supporting Maths homework – Parent Guide how-to-parent-maths-guide

The following links will take you to learning opportunities for your children at home.





Please  go to the links below to view our homework policy and homework guidelines.