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Little Stoke Primary School

dream - plan - achieve

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Little Stoke Lane
Little Stoke, Bristol, BS34 6HY
Headteacher: Dan Ross


School Ethos and Values

Little Stoke Primary School Ethos:

Little Stoke School is a purposeful learning community where both adults and children can develop skills, understanding and awareness.  We expect high levels of achievement from everyone and encourage an attitude of hard work and responsibility.  We aim to identify learning needs effectively and support individuals well; standing alongside children as they develop.

In this school the over-riding aim is to create a happy, stimulating and relaxed environment, where self-confidence and good relations may develop. Evidence of learning experiences and children’s ideas are highly valued by staff and, whenever possible, these are shared with a wider audience.

We believe that ‘ability’ is not a fixed concept; it can be encouraged and developed to ensure that all children from all backgrounds are able to dream, plan and achieve.  We are a tolerant learning community that, within limits, will enable children to make mistakes and learn from them in order to develop resilience and determination.  We want our children to have the highest aspirations in life and to have an open mind to the way their lives may change and develop.

We believe that, unless shown otherwise, parents know their children best.  We work closely with families to ensure the school aims are met, providing high levels of care, pastoral support, advice and guidance.

We believe in self-expression through the confident use of language and the importance of children being able to form opinions, socialise well, communicate effectively and link ideas creatively.  Our approaches to behaviour management focus on developing self-awareness, empathy, responsibility and citizenship.


Little Stoke Primary School Aims:

To provide a happy, safe, school at the heart of the local community where pupils love to learn.

We believe that how we work and learn together is important. A place where adults and children enjoy being together makes learning an exciting part of every day.

To support the development of lively, enquiring minds in our pupils.

We believe that all children can find the confidence to discover amazing things about the world around them and learn about the opportunities and possibilities that are waiting for them as they grow.

To provide a curriculum that excites, challenges and inspires.

We believe in finding the spark that engages children, and takes them on an amazing learning journey. We believe in a broad, culturally inclusive curriculum that prepares our children for a fulfilling future.

To encourage our pupils to achieve academically, socially, physically and spiritually.

We believe in nurturing and encouraging children to find success in every aspect of their lives. We celebrate progress and believe that all children can achieve to a high level.

To provide high quality partnerships that improve the lives of all our pupils.

We believe in making strong links with parents, families and communities to ensure we set aspirational goals and our pupils achieve all they possibly can.

Little Stoke Primary Values:


The developing expectation that you will be able to achieve significant goals.


The ability to show empathy towards others and strive to ensure that all children are included and difference is celebrated.


The ability and confidence to self-regulate and take care of yourself, others, the community, the world and the future.


The co-operation and teamwork and the sharing of ideas, knowledge and skills to reach a common objective