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Little Stoke Primary School

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T: 01454 866522

Little Stoke Lane
Little Stoke, Bristol, BS34 6HY
Headteacher: Scott Howes


If you are looking for a school place for September 2017 just click on the ‘Starting at LSPS’ box below for more information and the opportunity to claim your FREE FOREST SCHOOL SESSION – we could be the school for you!
Join us for our Christmas Special Family Breakfast on Friday 16th December from 8am only £2 per person – don’t forget to wear Christmas jumpers!

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We are very proud of being a school where the aim is to create a happy, stimulating and calm learning environment that promotes development of self-confidence and good relationships. In this way, children achieve high standards academically and socially as well as broadening their life experiences and cultural awareness.

Little Stoke School is a purposeful learning community where both adults and children can develop learning skills, understanding and awareness. We expect high levels of achievement from everyone and encourage an attitude of hard work and responsibility. We aim to identify learning needs effectively and support individuals well; standing alongside children as they develop… to read more click here